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Why Buy a Buggy Board?

Keeping an eye on your little one becomes challenging whenever you need to push a stroller or pram at the same time. Making sure that your two kids are safe may be a challenge particularly in busy and crowded areas.  This becomes even harder if you are going shopping and have to take your kids with you.

Buggy boards have become very popular for parents with two or more kids. It can be quickly assembled and attached to the back of a stroller for your older child to stand on.  Some high end buggy boards have quick release systems meaning that no assembly is required before use, simple reattach it before use. Buggy Boards are ideal for kids who are to old for strollers but nonetheless too young to walk lengthy distances. Kids effortlessly get tired, so a buggy board can come in handy to ensure that you don't need to carry your child if they get too tired to walk. Our little one throws tantrums and crys alot when he gets tired which makes it just that much harder to finish off whatever you're doing.

To use these they need to be secured to the metal tubing (part of the frame) above the rear wheels, the is a sturdy part of the frame that can handle the weight of a young child.  Most buggy boards have connecters that fit the three different shapes: square tube, round tube and oval tube.  Depending on the brand that you have bought some buggy boards have 2 weeks, some 4 wheels and the lower end items 1 wheel.  I recommend buying a buggy board with atleast 2 wheels to ensure stability.

Since buggy boards dont have safety harnesses you need to make sure the child that is standing on the platform can comfortably hold onto the handles of the pram or stroller and have good balance.  Generally speaking small kids under two years of age cannot sufficiently hold onto the stroller or balance properly.  Its risky to put a child that is too young on a buggy board as they can slip either forward or backwards and get injured.  The majority of buggy boards, kiddy boards and monkey board have non-slip surfaces which reduce this risk imensly.

When selecting a buggy board one thing to think about will be the cost. Most range in price from $70 to $150 depending on features and the brand you're buying.  You also need to think about the age of your child to ensure that the board you're purchasing is suitable for him or her.

You might not have a lot of choices if you're purchasing a buggy board from a shop, looking online is always an option too.  Whichever brand you decide to purchase, ensure that the item comes with connectors to fit all tubing shapes.  

Happy shopping!  Your child will love their buggy board!
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